Intensive 2015 Hawaii


Do you wish to empower yourself through the discovery of your own voice?


Would you like to experience first-hand expansive, life-changing and life-charging, group-authored experiences using sound and then learn how to lead a group through them?


Do you feel called to learn sacred sound protocols, sustainable living practices, and tools to transform consciousness while immersed in a group/family setting at a beautiful and lush location - one of the most powerful energetic places on Earth?

The Sounding Circles Method is an easy-to-learn, profound-to-implement technique that combines the specificity of avant-garde sound arts practices with heart based healing modalities. During this intensive week, the group is expertly led through a beautifully crafted series of deeply emotional, zany, fun, and profound non-verbal vocal improvisation circles. You will learn how to create using an array of colors in your voice, make conscious sound using intention, and raise your energy by releasing holding patterns and limiting beliefs. You will discover your unique gifts and celebrate one another’s contributions through the power of group resonance.


Musicians, artists, healing practitioners, therapists, teachers, and those on a journey of self-discovery will be enriched with new awareness and skills incorporating the collective wisdom of traditional and leading edge sound healing methods.


More than just a training program, the Sounding Circles Intensive has emerged as a unique family, attracting incredible people from around the globe to gather yearly for rejuvenation, inspiration and delight, with many participants returning again and again. Warning: This program is emotionally intense! You may come out of the week having laughed deeply, played hard, connected more profoundly to yourself and to a group than ever before. Your new awareness of self may even have resulted in a personal paradigm shift!


     I’m Joule L’adara – and I create Sounding Circles - delightful, “profound play” sessions for adults using the voice. They can be incredibly beautiful and profound group-authored experiences. They can also be ridiculously enjoyable! I create magical workshops and intensives and I invite YOU – if you feel “called” – to join us for this one! 


The Sounding Circles training is for teachers, musicians, shamans, in fact for EVERYONE who has a voice! A sounding circle is a group of people who gather in a circle to make conscious sound together. In my Sounding Circles I lead groups through non-verbal vocal improvisation. Vocal utterance stripped of language is pure communication. This method allows us to directly communicate with one another, bypassing all our judgements and fears, and truly connect to what is real. Learning to improvise in a safe guided group setting invites you to become fearless and vulnerable at the same time, allowing you to actually just be yourself, and empowering you to face your full potential.


In brief, the Sounding Circles method is a protocol for the human voice – encompassing the emotional, spiritual, and physical side of human utterance. You can take these tools into performance applications such as theater creation and music composition. You can also apply these techniques in personal relationships or public speaking, in addition to enjoying the many health benefits that regular toning, singing, and sounding can offer.


I’m so thrilled this year to also be joined by an amazing team of fantastic facilitators presenting delicious additional offerings including: Sound Alchemy with Leandra, One Mouth Band with Sam Rogers, Yogatation with Aaron Noble, Reiki Healing Harp with Cymber Lily Quinn, Sounding Board Integration with Kelli Kindred Phillips, Watsu with Sarah Lynn Joy, and Hawaiian Chant, Hula and sacred protocols with Joshua Lanakila Mangauil, Diane Kamaolipua Grace, Wailana Simcock, and Jonathan Kimo Kaleikaukeha Lopez, plus hands-on experiential time with Harmonic Healing tools such as Boheme Music Feeltone instruments, Elfin Energy Chimes, crystal bowls, harps, and Acutonics planetary tuning forks.


Read on for more detailed descriptions on all of these offerings!

Mahalo & see you in Hawai’i!

Joule L’adara


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